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Tina Davies

Tina Davies PIXL Needle Cartridges Round Liner Long Taper

Tina Davies PIXL Needle Cartridges Round Liner Long Taper

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Tina Davies' advanced PIXL Permanent Makeup Cartridges offer improved safety and convenience, while the non-drip needle tip increases visibility and precision.

Designed by PMU artist Tina Davies, PIXL needle cartridges feature 304 surgical-grade stainless steel needles in a clear housing with a soft silicone finger edge for better control and reduced hand fatigue. The long tapered needles are extra sharp, causing minimal trauma during treatment.

PIXL PMU cartridges feature a full protective membrane to prevent backflow and optimize your machine's performance, and a drip-proof nozzle designed to prevent pigment build-up. This allows for better visibility, allowing you to create precise needlework with ease.

PIXL cartridges are suitable for all PMU procedures and can be used with any rotary machine that accepts universal style cartridges.

Main Features:

Configuration: Round Liner
Needle diameters: 0.25-0.35 mm
Needle sizes: 1-3
10 needles in a box
Long tapering
Non-drip nozzle
Complete safety membrane
Made of 304 surgical grade stainless steel
Sterilized with EO gas
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