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  • Spectra Xion Mini 536,89 893,44  does not include VAT

    Xion Mini
    Designed with 2.5mm travel, ready to wear on all skin types – right out of the box.
    It's lightweight - just 87 grams - and its proprietary Darklab motor delivers consistent power with virtually no vibration.
    Compact and ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue
    Built-in “click” handle adjustment system for needle depth
    Darklab's patented motor with virtually no vibration
    eGive and Siri voice control capabilities through the Darklab app via the Airbolt Mini wireless solution
    Compatible with standard membrane cartridges
    RCA connectivity

    Airbolt Mini
    Pair the Xion Mini with our wireless solution - the Airbolt Mini - and experience a whole new sense of freedom. With up to 10 hours of use, it can power any machine with your choice of cables and connectors. Weighing only 79g (2.8oz), the Airbolt Mini is travel-friendly and has a built-in anti-slip magnetic pad for stability.
    Weight: (79 g)
    6mm x 48mm x 24mm
    Battery life up to 10 hours, depending on voltage.
    Built-in anti-slip magnetic pad.
    Several wearable and mounting accessories will be available soon for additional support.
    Easy to protect from bag/barrier.
    eGive capabilities in the Darklab app via Bluetooth.
    The only power supply on the market that can be connected to any machine, with the cables or connectors of your choice.


    Transport 1-3 weeks

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    Microbeau Spektra Xion S PMU Permanent Makeup Machine - Frost 604,10  does not include VAT

    Microbeau Xion S is the permanent makeup version
    FK Irons Xion
    . It has been developed and tested in collaboration with permanent makeup artists. Compared to the Xion, the Xion Sl has a smaller handle and a shorter stroke (1.8 or 2.5 mm). The smaller handle has a comfortable and ergonomic design and is better suited to the way PMU artists are used to working. In addition, it is compatible with all tattoo cartridges and is easy to cover and handle. The short stroke length is optimal for the smaller needles and higher speeds typically used for PMU.

    The powerful 6-watt MotorBolt is specially designed for the Microbeau and ensures optimal performance from your cartridges, providing maximum torque throughout the session. For greater reliability, the RCA connection is hidden inside the MotorBolt. The Xion S has adjustable stroke length, needle depth and give (softness) so it can be fine-tuned to your preferences and needs. The Xion S gives you full control over your machine and is therefore suitable for many permanent makeup styles.

    Main features:

    Color: Frost
    Adjustable dial (up to 2 mm): simply turn the dial to adjust.
    Adjustable needle depth thanks to the Xion S click handle.
    Adjustable travel length - comes with 2.5mm and 1.8mm travel wheels.
    Ergonomic profile that makes it easy to handle and cover.
    Specially designed 6 watt motor bolt.
    Concealed RCA connection.
    Autoclavable tapered handle.
    Compatible with all Cheyenne type cartridges.


    transport 1-3 weeks

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  • Brand: 
    Microbeau Spektra Flux S PMU Permanent Makeup Machine with Additional Powerbolt 850,00 1081,15  does not include VAT

    The Microbeau Flux S follows the popular Xion S permanent makeup machine and marks the first wireless PMU machine from the Microbeau and DarkLab team.

    The Flux S is powered by a removable battery known as the PowerBolt, which allows PMU artists to control their machine wirelessly without the need for cables or power supplies. Because it's replaceable, you can quickly and easily switch to an additional battery (sold separately) when the battery runs out so you can continue working without a problem.

    The PowerBolt contains a lithium-ion battery with a USB-C connection and dynamic power path management that allows for simultaneous battery charging and power delivery. It offers a fast charging speed of up to 1.5 amps and a run time of up to 10 hours, depending on the type of cartridge and the voltage used. In addition, PowerBolt's higher energy density ensures reliability and stability.

    In addition to the LED indicator for battery capacity and voltage, the PowerBolt has three buttons: one to turn the Flux S on/off, and two to adjust the voltage quickly and easily. Press the up and down arrows to change the current voltage in 0.5V increments or decrements from 6 to 12V, with the LED color corresponding to the PowerBolt voltage chart.

    PowerBolt also offers the ability to make a “killswitch” on the machine, which prevents the Flux Si from accidentally turning on – helpful when traveling by plane with a PMU machine.

    The Flux S is Bluetooth-enabled, meaning you can pair it with DarkLab's Hover power supply and app. With the DarkLab app, you can wirelessly update the Flux S with the latest firmware, making it future-proof.

    Microbeau's Flux S is a direct drive tattoo machine that doesn't offer 3mm of pull, meaning it's perfect for all forms of PMU techniques. It is also very quiet when running and produces minimal vibration.

    This Flux S version is equipped with two PowerBolts. We also offer Flux Si with one PowerBolt.

    Main features:

    Color: Ultraviolet
    Includes x2 PowerBolts
    Wireless - No need for power supply cables
    Replaceable battery
    USB-C Li-ion battery with dynamic power path management
    Battery capacity and voltage LED indicator
    Voltage: 6-12V, adjustable in 0.5V increments/decrements
    Fast charging speed up to 1.5 A
    Working time up to 6 hours
    Bluetooth enabled – can be paired with the DarkLab Hover power supply and app
    Future-proof - wireless firmware updates via the app
    Direct drive with 3 mm travel
    Compatible with Cheyenne type needle cartridges
    Weight: 170 g
    Made in the USA


    Transport 1-3 weeks

  • Brand: 
    Microbeau Flux S Max with 1x PowerBolt II – 4.5mm Stroke 982,79 1208,20  does not include VAT

    After the Flux S permanent makeup machine, the Microbeau Flux S Max is designed to bring diversity and maximum versatility to your clinic.

    This cordless machine is the first from the brand to have a corresponding stroke length for each different color. Microbeau has truly listened to artist feedback and developed a range of stroke options in the Flux S Max to suit all treatments, preferences and experiences.

    Each machine comes with a luxury travel case for easy and safe transport of your machine. The Flux S Max is also the first Microbeau device to be powered by a PowerBolt II battery with several innovative features.

    The PowerBolt II's advanced digital display and built-in menu are easy to navigate and provide full control over all settings. The menu can be used to adjust eGive, check battery life and personalize the display to suit your needs. Artists can now choose between Volts and Hertz and are adjusted in steps of 1 or 0.5. The voltage ranges from 4 to 12 V, allowing you to tailor your PMU treatment to each client.

    The PowerBolt II is interchangeable and has dynamic power path management during charging - no interruptions! The PowerBolt II also has Bluetooth connectivity to pair with the DarkLab app.

    Oudwood Flux S Max's 4.5mm stroke is perfect for advanced technicians, areola care, scar coverage and tougher skin types.

    Main features:

    Color: Oudwood
    Cordless machine
    Weight (with PowerBolt II): 166g
    Stroke length: 4.5 mm
    Stylish design with a wavy, tapered handle
    Voltage range: 4-12V
    Working time up to 10 hours
    USB-C charging port
    PowerBolt II battery included
    Advanced digital display and built-in menu
    Bluetooth connection
    Comes with a luxurious travel bag
    Compatible with all universal PMU cartridges

    Delivery 1-3 weeks

  • Brand: 
    Microbeau Bellar Air - Permanent Makeup Machine 940,16 1262,30  does not include VAT

    Bellar Air is Microbeau's breakthrough wireless innovation. An all-in-one PMU machine for the artist who craves reliability, luxury and style, all in a machine with endless possibilities.

    This device has a new digital display with options to manage speed, timing, voltage and eGive parameters. This device gives the artist maximum control. With a NEW built-in needle detection feature, Bellar Air recognizes and responds to the skin to deliver consistent results. Bellar Air's sensitive eGive system, NEW lower operating voltage (4V/66Hz) and a choice of 2.1mm and 3.0mm gear options allow artists to use different techniques on different skin textures.

    Main features:

    LED digital display
    Needle detection
    eGive Adjustment
    Adjustable needle depth with bounce system
    Comes with a luxury travel case
    Responsive silicone buttons
    Stroke length: 2.1mm, 3.0mm
    Weight: 3.86 oz (109.6 grams)
    Battery life: 4-5 hours. Battery life depends on voltage, stroke, needle selection and skin type.
    Connectivity: Bluetooth wireless or wired with detachable wireless battery or DC adapter
    Voltage range: 4-10 volts
    Handle: 26.5 - 16 mm tapered
    Compatibility - Bluetooth, Killswitch, Standard Universal Diaphragm Cartridges
    Compatible with the Darklab app via Bluetooth
    Made in the USA

    Transport 1-3 weeks

  • Brand: 
    Flux Mini 715,57 850,00  does not include VAT

    After the popular Flux S PMU machine, Microbeau has developed the Flux Mini. Small and powerful, this compact machine doesn't compromise on reliability and allows artists to go completely wireless with one of the smallest machines to date.

    Flux Mini's slim design not only increases control and comfort, but is well balanced and ergonomically designed for the best possible artist experience. With all the cordless capabilities of the Flux Si, the Mini is 1/3 of its predecessor with its 19mm diameter handle.

    With a replaceable power pack, the Flux Mini offers up to 4+ hours of run time and 2.5 or 3.0mm stroke length to suit a wide range of skin types. With no wires or cords to limit you, the Flux Mini also accepts all universal PMU cartridges. Go wireless without compromise!

    Main features:

    Stroke length: 2.5 or 3.0 mm
    Color: black
    Wireless technology
    Includes 2x Powerbolt Mini battery
    Replaceable battery
    Patented motor design
    Increased mobility
    Battery life up to 4+ hours
    User-friendly intuitive controls
    Wireless power with the smallest footprint

    Delivery 1-3 weeks

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