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Chemi-Pharm Bacticid W 100tk

Chemi-Pharm Bacticid W 100tk

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Disinfectant-impregnated towels for rapid disinfection of alcohol-resistant surfaces.


100g of disinfectant contains: ethanol 72g, quaternary ammonium compounds 0.025g (active ingredient), cellulose towels


Open the valve at the end of the cone-shaped lid and pull the towel out from there to the perforated area. The lid can be supported with the other hand to tear the towel open. After pulling out the towel, close the flap immediately to prevent the towels from drying out. Wipe the surfaces to be disinfected with a towel so that the entire surface is evenly covered with the disinfectant. Duration of action 30 seconds. The product does not need to be washed off.



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