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  • Vivin ruumilõhnastaja "Cannelé" 100ml -
  • Vivin ruumilõhnastaja "Cannelé" 100ml -
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Vivin room fragrance "Cannelé" 100ml

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Classic vanilla, but still a memorable wonderful aroma of vanilla pods, with the addition of nutmeg and melted butter in the spice. An irresistible favorite of vanilla friends!

Want to bring home new and interesting aromas? Choose Vivin special home fragrances that smell especially luxurious and exclusive, reminiscent of really good perfumes in their freshness and spiciness. When creating the room fragrance, our wish was that in addition to the good aroma in your home, the room fragrance would also be a beautiful home accessory and a nice gift!


Before use, shake to mix all oils and aromas, remove the protective cap and place the sticks in the bottle. If the sticks are not completely wet after a day, turn the sticks over. Place the home deodorizer where the air moves - this will ensure better smell in the room. For a stronger aroma, turn the sticks upside down in the bottle every few weeks. More sticks also means more smell. The home fragrance smells for an average of up to 16 weeks. After the odor has completely disappeared, keep the jar so that you can refill it. Caution: Liquid can damage textile, wood, or plastic surfaces. Place the bottle on a stable surface. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.