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  • Pro You Pore Fill Up puusöega näopesuvaht 100ml -
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Pro You Pore Fill Up Charcoal Facial Wash 100ml

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The active ingredients in the facial cleansing charcoal, charcoal, aloe vera gel, peauu root extract, Korean bell root extract and birch bark extract give the skin an instant, clean and healthy result. The product was recognized by Anne & Stiil Ilulemmik 2018. Pro You Pore Fill Up Charcoal Bubble Facial Wash is suitable for all skin types. Especially indicated for skin with enlarged pores.

Charcoal-based face wash foam, which has become very popular in many countries. The gentle and pleasant-smelling foam removes oil, dirt and make-up from the skin, making the skin visibly clearer. The process works thanks to microbubbles that gradually foam and penetrate the pores of the skin, thoroughly removing all remnants of makeup, dust and dirt. The product effectively narrows pores, mattifies the skin immediately and permanently, smoothes the skin and prevents the formation of comedones.

The active ingredients in the facial cleansing charcoal, charcoal extract, aloe vera gel, capercaillie root extract, Korean bell root extract and birch bark extract (patent 0508528) give the skin an instant clean and healthy result.

Moisturizing coenzyme Q-10, panthenol and hyaluronic acid provide moisture to the skin and maintain the skin's moisture balance. This product is paraben free. Allantoin, Multi EX BSASM and Skin Calm Plus complexes protect the skin.

Allantoin - is a deep moisturizer that supports the renewal of skin cells and makes the skin soft. Skin Calm Plus - the complex consists of pomegranate, fig and Asian bell extracts and is very effective for sensitive skin. Multi EX BSASM - the complex consists of seven plant extracts (Asian water bean extract extract, chamomile flower extract and licorice root extract, tea bush leaf extract, flea root extract, rosemary leaf extract, tit grass leaf extract).


Take the appropriate amount of product and massage the gel gently over the face, gradually the black gel becomes a foam. Leave the foam on the face for a few minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. Avoid contact with foam.

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