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Microbeau Spektra Flux S PMU Permanent Makeup Machine with Additional Powerbolt

Microbeau Spektra Flux S PMU Permanent Makeup Machine with Additional Powerbolt

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The Microbeau Flux S follows the popular Xion S permanent makeup machine and marks the first wireless PMU machine from the Microbeau and DarkLab team.

The Flux S is powered by a removable battery known as the PowerBolt, which allows PMU artists to control their machine wirelessly without the need for cables or power supplies. Because it's replaceable, you can quickly and easily switch to an additional battery (sold separately) when the battery runs out so you can continue working without a problem.

The PowerBolt contains a lithium-ion battery with a USB-C connection and dynamic power path management that enables simultaneous battery charging and power delivery. It offers a fast charging speed of up to 1.5 amps and a run time of up to 10 hours, depending on the type of cartridge and the voltage used. In addition, PowerBolt's higher energy density ensures reliability and stability.

In addition to the LED indicator for battery capacity and voltage, the PowerBolt has three buttons: one to turn the Flux S on/off, and two to adjust the voltage quickly and easily. Press the up and down arrows to change the current voltage in 0.5V increments or decrements from 6 to 12V, with the LED color corresponding to the PowerBolt voltage chart.

PowerBolt also offers the ability to make a "killswitch" on the machine, which prevents the Flux Si from accidentally turning on - helpful when traveling by plane with a PMU machine.

The Flux S is Bluetooth-enabled, meaning you can pair it with DarkLab's Hover power supply and app. With the DarkLab app, you can wirelessly update the Flux S with the latest firmware, making it future-proof.

Microbeau's Flux S is a direct drive tattoo machine that does not offer a 3mm stroke, meaning it is perfect for all forms of PMU techniques. It is also very quiet when running and produces minimal vibration.

This Flux S version is equipped with two PowerBolts. We also offer Flux Si with one PowerBolt.

Main Features:

Color: Ultraviolet
Includes x2 PowerBolts
Wireless - No need for power supply cables
Replaceable battery
USB-C Li-ion battery with dynamic power path management
Battery capacity and voltage LED indicator
Voltage: 6-12V, adjustable in 0.5V increments/decrements
Fast charging speed up to 1.5 A
Working time up to 6 hours
Bluetooth enabled – can be paired with the DarkLab Hover power supply and app
Future-proof - wireless firmware updates via the app
Direct drive with 3 mm travel
Compatible with Cheyenne type needle cartridges
Weight: 170 g
Made in the USA

Transport 1-3 weeks

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