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iColor pigment "Natural Brown" 10ml

iColor pigment "Natural Brown" 10ml

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iColor "Natural Brown" pigment, which is only suitable for professional use in permanent make-up. Neutral perfect brown color with a balance of yellow-black-red (chestnut) tones and covers with medium intensity. After the procedure, the color change depends on the client's skin heat level. The colder the skin tone, the grayer the healing color.

The most popular color for women and brunettes with brown hair. The product is suitable for all skin types.

Suitable for the following techniques: powder filling, shading, hair removal technique.

The product can be mixed with the following shades: the pigment can be made warmer with DARK BLOND pigment, redder-warmer with BRONZA concealer or darker with BLACK & BROWN, DEEP BROWN paints. The product is optimized for fine tint and soft powder effects and hair removal techniques.

The result is a diverse portfolio of pigmentation techniques with all the colors in the palette. Features: The color remains stable over time. Pigments penetrate the skin easily and spread evenly.

iColor pigments are created with the highest class of cosmetic and pharmacological ingredients that do not contain heavy metals, parabens or toxic components. The product is hypoallergenic and vegan friendly.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Virginia Witch Tree, Aqua, Rosin, Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydantoin, CI: 21095, CI: 77266, CI: 12477, CI: 77891

Quantity: 10ml (5000 EUR / L)

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