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  • Gold Snail Premium kätekreem teolima, 24K-ga kulla ja ženšenniga 80ml -
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Gold Snail

Gold Snail Premium hand cream 80ml

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Gold Snail Premimum 80ml is a nourishing cream with a synergistic effect, the prestigious ingredients of which contain 24K gold extract. This formula has long been considered the beauty secret of queens, which awakens the inner strength of the skin by caring for the skin.

Highly refined 24K gold delivers energy to the depths of the skin in a more concentrated way. Gold is an excellent conductor that promotes better penetration of nutrients, plant extracts and vitamins deep into the skin.

Shea butter is indispensable in the care of dry skin, it contains vitamins A and E.

The secretion of the work has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes wound healing, accelerates the regeneration of damaged skin areas, is a powerful antioxidant and protects.

Ginseng has healing properties, has an excellent effect on skin firmness and elasticity, acts as an antioxidant, accelerates the processes of skin cell regeneration and renewal, adds skin tone, restores skin turgor.