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Flux Mini

Flux Mini

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After the popular Flux S PMU machine, Microbeau has developed the Flux Mini. Small and powerful, this compact machine doesn't compromise on reliability and allows artists to go completely wireless with one of the smallest machines to date.

Flux Mini's slim design not only increases control and comfort, but is well balanced and ergonomically designed for the best possible artist experience. With all the cordless capabilities of the Flux Si, the Mini is 1/3 of its predecessor with its 19mm diameter handle.

With a replaceable power pack, the Flux Mini offers up to 4+ hours of run time and 2.5 or 3.0mm stroke length to suit a wide range of skin types. With no wires or cords to limit you, the Flux Mini also accepts all universal PMU cartridges. Go wireless without compromise!

Main Features:

Stroke length: 2.5 or 3.0 mm
Color: black
Wireless technology
Includes 2x Powerbolt Mini battery
Replaceable battery
Patented motor design
Increased mobility
Battery life up to 4+ hours
User-friendly intuitive controls
Wireless power with the smallest footprint

Delivery 1-3 weeks

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