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FK Irons

FK Irons Darklab: Lightning Bolt Wireless Universal RCA Battery Pack - Single Pack

FK Irons Darklab: Lightning Bolt Wireless Universal RCA Battery Pack - Single Pack

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The DarkLab Lightning Bolt Wireless Universal RCA Battery Pack by FK Irons is a completely wireless power supply that is compatible with all rotary permanent makeup machines with an RCA connection.

This power supply's universal RCA connectivity means it easily plugs into your PMU machine, no matter what brand you're using, and provides up to 10 hours of stable, consistent power on a single charge. Wireless technology reduces clutter in your workspace and offers ultimate freedom for easy maneuvering without wires or restrictions!

The DarkLab Lightning Bolt Universal offers Bluetooth connectivity that lets you pair the battery with other DarkLab wireless products, as well as its mobile app for unique features like voice control and eGive.

Lightning Bolt Universal's ergonomic and compact design, weighing 58g, allows the machine to maintain forward balance and provides maximum ease and comfort to the artist during treatments.

With a lithium-ion battery and a built-in USB-C charging port, the power supply offers ultra-fast charging speed. The voltage can be adjusted using buttons or the DarkLab app, and the screen also has a voltage LED indicator.

Main Features:

Single pack - 1 pc
Provides up to 10 hours of power on a single charge
Universal RCA connectivity - compatible with any brand of PMU machines
Bluetooth Connectivity – Can be paired with the DarkLab mobile app
Weight: 58g
Dimensions: H55.25mm x W24.5mm x W53mm
Built-in charger USB-C port and lithium-ion battery
Intuitive controls and voltage LED indicator
Ergonomic, balanced design

transport 1-3 weeks

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