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The Nine Detox Mousse Foam

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The Nine Detox Mousse cleanses the skin, removing excess PMU pigment and is created for sensitive skin. One touch is enough to cleanse the skin and eyelashes! The thick consistency of the foam does not run over the skin and immediately traps dirt, which allows for quick and thorough skin cleansing.

The product is suitable for use in everyday work for both permanent make-up artists and eyelash technicians.

How to use in permanent makeup? - Apply a small amount of foam to the area to be cleaned and wait 15 seconds. Take a piece of cotton wool, wipe off the foam with excess pigment in one sweep and you're done.

How to use for lashes? - Use the foam to clean the lash line before applying the lash extensions and to gently care for the lashes during application to prolong the effect.


- Cleanses the skin of cosmetics and does not irritate the skin.
- Ideal product for pigment cleaning.
- Suitable for cleaning eyelash extensions.
- Perfectly cleanses the skin.
- Suitable for use on sensitive skin, does not cause irritation.
- Nice smell.

Volume 100 ml (120 EUR / L)