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Perma Blend Luxe

Perma Blend Luxe - Dark Fig pigment 15ml

Perma Blend Luxe - Dark Fig pigment 15ml

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Dark Fig pigment is a cooler, dark brown brow color with medium opacity. 100% Organic. The pigment is darker than Perma Blend LUXE Coffee and also warmer.

- Kfor science fiction
- 4-5 for Fitzpatrick

LUXE is a brand new luxurious line of permanent make-up pigments from global manufacturer Perma Blend. This range is 100% EU and REACH compliant and complies with all new regulations so permanent makeup artists can use it worldwide.

These pigments have been carefully tested and calibrated for color accuracy. With a heavy pigment load, LUXE pigments have all the benefits of the classic Perma Blend pigments we all know and love!

- Used for eyebrows and some shades for eyeliner
- Lush tone
- High-quality tone lasts a long time
- Global certified safety guarantee
- Certified and vegan friendly and never tested on animals

Made in the USA

You can find the certificate and user manual on the category page.

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