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Defender Cartridges 35/01 RLLT (20pcs)

Defender Cartridges 35/01 RLLT (20pcs)

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Defenderr Cartridges 35/01 RLLT, 20 pieces in a pack

The needle tip is slim and does not interfere with the tattoo artist's field of vision. The patented needle stabilization technology "Z - Systems, Long bar fixing lock" ensures perfectly smooth operation and allows the user to highlight the finest details.

The patented «Ink Flow Cup» system ensures fast ink flow and even pigment supply without spatter. The simplified membrane prevents ink from entering the machine and ensures better needle return.

- Japanese stainless steel AISI 315L (medical).

- Sterilized with ethylene oxide.

- Long cone 7.5mm

Compatible with all popular devices.

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