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Chemi-Pharm Smell Net 1L

Chemi-Pharm Smell Net 1L

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Means for washing, disinfecting and removing the smell of urine from water-resistant surfaces. The product is scented and after use, the rooms are left with a fresh and pleasant mint smell. The product has a bactericidal, virus-inactivating (including HBV, HIV) and fungicidal effect. pH on concentrate 1 – 2, on working solution 3. Meets the requirements of EN 13727.


Quaternary ammonium compounds (active ingredient) 2.5g, inorganic acid 5g, corrosion inhibitor, fragrance.


1% (add 10 ml of concentrate to 990 ml of water) working solution to wash rooms and fixtures. Flush the dampers after the operating time. Surfaces do not need to be rinsed with water. Also removes urinary stones. Duration of action 5 minutes. For HBV and HIV prophylaxis, use 2% (add 20 ml of concentrate to 980 ml of water) working solution, duration of action is 15 minutes. The shelf life of the finished solution in a closed container is 14 days.

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