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Chemi-Pharm Des New

Chemi-Pharm Des New

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Odorless, phosphate-free liquid concentrate for washing and disinfecting surfaces. Since the product uses various quaternary ammonium compounds, which make it broad-spectrum, it also acts on those bacteria that quickly become resistant to conventional disinfectants. Considering the above, CHEMIPHARM DES NEW does not need to be replaced after some time, as is recommended for conventional disinfectants. CHEMIPHARM DES NEW has a broad fungicidal and bactericidal effect, destroys Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, inactivates viruses. Very effective against dermatophytes, yeasts and molds. Due to the content of surfactants, the product has good cleaning properties.

The product meets the requirements of EN 1040, EN 1275 at pH concentrate 11 pH at working solution 9 Biocides Registration Certificate No 0037/05'



100 g of the product contains: quaternary ammonium compounds 7g (active ingredient), sodium carbonate, non-ionic surfactants 5-15g, complexing agent


CHEMIPHARM DES NEW is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting water-resistant surfaces. The product is intended for use in hospitals, sanatoriums, nursing homes, children's institutions, food industry companies, hairdressing and cosmetic salons, saunas, swimming pools and everywhere else where disinfection of surfaces is necessary. Treat rooms (floors, walls, doors, windowsills) and furniture with 0.3-1% working solution. Treated surfaces do not need to be rinsed. If necessary, the surfaces can be wiped with a dry cloth after the working time. Spraying devices can be used to disinfect rooms and hard furniture, soft furniture and smaller items can be rubbed with a sponge or cloth moistened in the working solution. In the food industry, 1% CHEMIPHARM DES NEW working solution can be used to impregnate desomatts. The tool is safe for footwear material. Make sure that the desomats are constantly moist. In children's institutions, CHEMIPHARM DES NEW is suitable for disinfecting surfaces and toys. It is advisable to rinse the toys. CHEMIPHARM DES NEW is also an effective tool for the destruction and prevention of athlete's foot, therefore it is particularly suitable for washing saunas, showers, swimming pools and bathtubs for which a 1% working solution is used (10 ml of CHEMIPHARM DES NEW per 990 ml of water). In the case of nail fungus during medical treatment and 6 months after, it is recommended to wash socks and stockings with CHEMIPHARM DES NEW 0.3% solution (3 ml CHEMIPHARM DES NEW per 997 ml water), as well as sprinkle Chemisept FG (more information in the product manual) into the shoes and let to dry. Healing from fungal diseases of the skin and nails is significantly accelerated. The working time of the working solution depends on its concentration. 0.3% (add 3 ml of concentrate to 997 ml of water) for 10 min; 0.5% (add 5 ml of concentrate to 995 ml of water) - 1% (add 10 ml of concentrate to 990 ml of water) 5 min; For heavily contaminated surfaces. 1% (add 10 ml of concentrate to 990 ml of water) 30 min. The shelf life of the finished solution in a closed container is 14 days, for the solution in use 24 hours. PRECAUTIONS: Follow safety regulations when handling! Contains biocide! Read the user manual before use! The concentrate irritates the eyes and skin. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor. Wear suitable protective gloves.



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