Collection: iColor pigments

The new 2022 pigments are also now available. iColor high-quality products for permanent makeup artists. All pigments and correctors for eyes, lips and eyebrows are created with the highest grade cosmetic and pharmacological ingredients, free of heavy metals, parabens and toxic components. The products are hypoallergenic and vegan friendly. iColor professional products for permanent makeup professionals. We are the official representative of iColor permanent makeup products and accessories in Estonia.

We also have new REACH compliant Colortune shades for both eyebrows and lips in our selection. 

Types of treatment:

  • Refresh: lips and eyebrows become fresher and the skin has less pigment than when working with classic pigments
  • Primary: evens out the tone without disturbing the skin structure
  • Secondary: gives freshness, especially if the first procedure was done with classic pigments

Watch the introductory video of the LUXE series!