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iColor Blur color correction 10ml

iColor Blur color correction 10ml

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iColor Blur is designed to lighten eyebrows that are too dark. The main component of the product is benzoic acid, which helps to break down the pigment and makes it 1-2 shades lighter. It is completely harmless to the structure of the skin and hair (eyebrows).

Why do you need iColor Blur for your work?

- It is suitable for partial color correction.
- To align a previously made PMU before applying a lighter tone.
- When pigment migration occurs.
- If the pigment is applied unevenly.
- When it is necessary to clean camouflage pigments.
- Slight acidic surface effect.

Product composition:
alcohol (diethylhydrin), water, glycerin, benzoic acid (a weak acid that acts as the main soluble component. It is a strong antiseptic active agent; Irritating to the skin. Great for removing blackheads and spots), sodium, benzoate (preservative), thymol - preservative, which intensifies the injection of liquids, eucalyptol - is a strong and natural antiseptic that is poorly soluble.

Volume: 10ml
(9300 € / liter)

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