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Defender Cartridges 30/01 RLLT (20pcs)

Defender Cartridges 30/01 RLLT (20pcs)

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Defenderr Cartridges 30/01 RLLT, 20 pieces in a pack

- The needle tip is thin and does not interfere with the tattoo artist's field of vision

- The patented needle stabilization technology "Z - Systems, Long bar fixing lock" ensures perfectly smooth operation and allows the user to highlight the finest details.

- The patented «Ink Flow Cup» system ensures fast ink flow and even pigment supply without spatter.

- Simplified membrane prevents ink from entering the machine and ensures better needle return.

- Japanese stainless steel AISI 315L (medical).

- Sterilized with ethylene oxide.

- Long cone 7.5mm

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