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Instrument cleaner and disinfectant

Chemisept Spray is a disinfectant that is safe for both humans and the environment. The product does not contain toxins and carcinogenic components and is completely degradable in nature. Chemisept Spray has a wide range of bactericidal and fungicidal activity, killing GRAM-positive and GRAM-negative bacteria, including tuberculosis and deactivating viruses (HIV, HBV, ROTA). Chemisept Spray has a good cleansing effect, it works quickly - the action time is 30 seconds, a wide spectrum of action, a long-lasting effect, no bacteria grow on the disinfected surface within 3 hours. In addition to ethanol and disinfectants, Chemisept Spray also contains natural oils that help protect the surface of instruments, which in turn helps extend their life. Chemisept Spray does not contain isopropyl alcohol, which, due to its high volatility and long-term persistence in the air, acts as an allergen for both staff and customers. It also often causes asthmatic processes in staff.

Suitable for disinfection of alcohol-resistant surfaces and instruments (cosmetic spoons, brushes, pliers, nail files, combs, hair brushes, hair brushes, hair clipper blades and combs, as well as all manicure and pedicure instruments).

Use: Spray on the surface to be disinfected and leave on for 30 seconds. If necessary, disperse if necessary.

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